Saving Tangier's Shores

Tangier Island is vanishing in manifold ways: economically, demographically, culturally, and physically. It is the last offshore fishing community in Virginia waters of Chesapeake Bay.

The ebbing away of the island’s landmass has drawn the most attention.
THERE EXISTS A PLAN to address the erosion and sea level rise. Increased awareness of Tangier and its situation will improve the odds that such a plan will be executed, thereby preserving a way of life, an irreplaceable natural habitat, a piece of history, and a population that calls Tangier home.


Our company symbol is a rendering of Tangier Island’s topography. This is how the island should look and how it can continue to be, with shoreline protection.

When you enjoy a Tangier Island oyster, consider the place it came from and the people responsible for its cultivation. Spread the word that Tangier is a place worth holding onto.